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Compaq Cleaning Solutions was founded in 2008, in melbourne. We specialize in providing professional staff and high quality service to All Around melbourne region. Our number one goal is to create truly satisfied customers. We accomplish this through personal attention to our clients, and maintaining a commitment to quality, reliability and value of service.

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Cleaning Tips.

End of lease cleaning Frequently Asked questions

Is Bond cleaning ,End of lease cleaning and Move out cleaning same? Bond cleaning and lease cleaning is the same thing. In fact, bond cleaning is also named as exit cleaning. Basically, this is the kind of cleaning you need at the end of your lease, which has to be more thorough than a typical cleaning job because you have to meet real estate or the landlord’s standards.

Do i have to do anything before me end of lease cleaners arrive? Usually in an unfurnished property end of lease cleaners are undertaken when the property is empty. This is because if you get us to clean the property while there is furniture still left inside. We won't be able to clean behind the furniture. It is also significant that you empty the content of your cupboards and shelves as we don't move personal property. Also it’s very important to remove your flyscreens before the bond clean starts. As we have not encouraged our cleaners to remove them, cause we can’t be responsible for the damages.

Can I Leave my house un attended while you do end of lease clean? Our workers are fully vetted by us and are completely trustworthy. You can leave your property un-attended with peace of mind. If you need, we can give you a call just before they complete so you can come and inspect our cleaning. Otherwise, we will make sure to lock the doors on our way out and if you have any issues with the cleaning we will return free of charge anyway within 48 hours most probably. But This is completely up to you. We do not require a tenant to be present for the duration of the clean but you are welcome to stay at the property and do all those other jobs you need to take care of.

How long will it take to complete my end of lease cleaning job? The time depends on the amount and the complexity of the end of lease cleaning job. Each bond clean case is unique. However, a cleaning job should not take more than a couple of hours. So, in about 5 to 7 hours, or even less, we should be done with the cleaning job. We always encourage our customers to do our payment at the begining, then you wont waste your day.

Can i leave my key in a safe place? Yes you can leave your key in a safe place, we will come and start the job, and once we completed cleaning we will make sure to lock the doors and to leave key back. Also if we have any problems once we come for the cleaning at your property we will call you for further assistance.

Do i need to provide any cleaning equipment and chemicals? No, you dont. All our cleaners have commercial end of lease cleaning equipments and chemicals too give your property a sparkle clean.

Do you give bond back gurantee? Yes we give bond back gurantee on what we orginally quoted. Furthermore Our 100% bond back guarantee means, that if on the rare occurrence, your real estate agent or land lord does their inspection and informs you, they cannot return all of your bond, due to an problem with the cleaning tasks that was specified on our checklist or requested, confirmed by us and paid for, we will return to the property and reclean those tasks free of charge. We do not give money refunds.

Will you gurantee the End of lease inspection will pass? Yes we do gurantee the inspection will pass on anything we orginally quoted.if your real estate will not happy the inspection,please send us inspection report ,we will send our cleaners back to rectify issues.

What are the payment terms? We accept cash once we finished job, or direct transfer can be done upfront,Also proof of payment need to be emailed / text to us.

Will you provide us a receipt? Yes, we provide a receipt to all our end of lease cleaning customers via email. That way you can print it as many times as you need.

Can i Change booking date? Yes, you can change your booking date or time. We do not charge a fee for booking changes or cancellations. We will try our best to rebook on the date that you would like. However, if you need to cancel or change your booking, we would really appreciate if you could let us know as soon as you become aware to help us book others.

Will my cleaner be there sharp on time? We do our best to get there on time always. However, we often have back to back jobs and some small delays do occur. Don’t bother they should be there soon and if you have any concerns just give us a call and we will let you know how far away they are. if you can leave the key in a safe place we will come & start the job, and if you need we will call you 30 minutes before we finish the job.Then you can come and have a look at property & pay us. This way you can save your day and also it helps us to save more time.

Can I walk on carpet, Once you done the cleaning? You can walk on your carpets right after we clean them but it’s important that your shoes are completely dirt free. However, if you manage to dirty the carpets we won’t be able to return free of charge.

How long will it take my carpets to dry? It Depends on the weather of the day, on a normal day it will take around 3-4 hours.

Do you do stain removal on carpets? We try our best to take off every single stain. Unfortunately, not every stain is removable. Also once the carpet fibre changes colour it’s impossible to return it to its original state. In those cases we hope to at least lighten the colour of the stain as much as possible.

if i am not happy will i get a refund? Our cleaners work hard to clean your property. You will not receive a refund as the work has already been undertaken. However, we will try our best to rectify the areas you are not happy with free of charge.

Do you clean the tiled areas in bathroom & Kitchen? Yes we do! However, please keep in mind that if you have discoloured grout or if your tiles are in a very bad condition, it is better to let us know in advance, as this requires special attention or even pressure cleaning, which is an extra service and can only be provided upon request.

Do you clean the Oven? Yes, our end of lease cleaning package includes the oven, stove, rangehood, and all parts of the kitchen top to bottom with the exception of the refrigerator, dishwasher. We have an optional extra charge for refrigerator, dishwasher cleaning to keep our prices low as not every client requires refrigerator cleaning.

Do you clean the Balconies? Yes, we can clean your balconies as an optional extra charge. It includes the floor, balustrades, internal and external windows/tracks and removal of cobwebs. Please see our service checklist for a full list of what our service includes.

Do you clean the Outside windows? Yes, we can clean external windows upon request. However, we can only clean external windows which are accessible naturally. The cleaner can give you a quotation upon inspection. In 99% of the cases in guaranteed End Of Lease services - Real Estate Agents do not require cleaning windows on the outside.

Do you clean outside the house? Yes, we can do outside cleaning on special request. As all other cleaning companies we quote for inside property end of lease cleaning only.

Do your end of lease cleaning package include wooden floor cleaning? Yes, wooden floors are cleaned as part of the service. We sweep and mop hard wood floors. Depending on the condition of your wooden floors you may not require the additional wax and polish. This is an extra service.

How much notice you required to book and end of lease cleaning service? It’s always best to give us as much time as possible as our staff can get quite busy. It’s good to plan ahead, so if you are vacating and once you know you are moving, book in your cleaning job after your removalist and when you think your property will be vacant. Make sure it is before your lease expires so you give us time to make sure we have time to clean everything.

Can i book my end of lease cleaning service with you during week ends? does it apply extra cost? Yes, We do provide end of lease cleaning services during week ends. But No extra cost added.

What are the opening hours? Our end of lease cleaning service customer service is offered 24 * 7. You can email us or call us at any time.

How To Clean Oven At Home during End of lease cleaning at your property


Water -Spray bottle -Baking soda -A rag -Vinegar -A small bowl

Oven Cleaning Step by Step

First we have to remove the oven racks. After that mix a couple of spoonfuls of backing soda with some water in the bowl. Create a paste that will be easily spres on oven surfaces. Spread the paste inside of the oven. Let it site overnight. Afer 24 hours time take a wet rag and wipe out as much of the baking sode paste as you can. Put some vinegar in as spray bottle and split on surfaces where you will find baking soda residue. After that wipe with a wet rag. Put the racks back in the oven and run the oven onto a very low temperature for 15-20 minutes to let dry. To clean the window of oven make another paste of baking sode. Apply the paste directly to the window and let it sit for 30 minutes. Use a clean rag to wipe the window.

What is Mold?

Mould is caused by a fungus which likes to grow cold, dark and damp conditions. Particularly in areas which are poorly ventilated or not adequately heated in winter. Mould often appears on surfaces in your home like walls, ceilings and carpets. It might look like a stain, smudge or discoloration. The most common moulds are black, green or white but they can be many other colours.

How Can we clean Mold ?

Cleaning mould can potentially be dangerous to your health. If you are concerned you should wear protective clothing and a mask. If the mould is continually reoccurring you may need to get a professional assessment of what is causing the mould. If you are going to clean mould yourself do not dry brush the area as this may release mould spores into the air which can spread throughout the property. Areas affected by mould should be washed down with a solution of 20% water and 80% white vinegar (best used from a spray bottle). Clove oil has also been effective in controlling mould – however it is very potent so only use about half a 1 teaspoon of oil to 1 litre of water. You should avoid using bleach as it has a high pH which is ineffective in killing mould (bleach only whitens the mould spores instead of killing them).

Office Cleaning Tips Can Help A Staff To Maintain The Cleanliness Of An Office Until The Office Cleaning Service Returns

There are office cleaning tips appropriate for the different areas within the environment. For example, in the office break room employees can throw away all of their trash instead of leaving it on the tables. In addition, employees must wash their own coffee cups and put them back into the cabinet. Cleaning up a spill immediately is another way for employees to contribute to the cleanliness of an office break room. Of course, if the spill causes a stubborn stain the talents of companies that specialize office cleaning, melbourne City, and elsewhere will be needed to finish the job. These simple cleaning practices help to preserve the tidy environment of a break room until compaq cleaning melbourne office cleaning employees return to empty the trash, mop the floors, and clean the tables as well as the chairs. Companies specializing in office cleaning, Melbourne City, and beyond, have the cleaning tools to take care of messy jobs that employees aren’t able to handle.

What you should ask from your End of lease cleaning company?

  • Ask from your end of lease cleaning company are they fully insured?
  • Are your cleaners Fully trained?
  • Are your bond cleaners background checked?
  • How many years’ experience do you have with vacate / bond cleaning?
  • Do you offer a bond back guarantee?
  • What does include in check list ? What is not included?
  • Will you work with the tenant and/or real estate agent to co-ordinate the end of lease clean?

WARNING: Be aware of ‘super cheap’ quotes which sound too good to be true. But you usually get what you pay for.

What does mean as End of lease / Vacate / Bond cleaning ?

Bond cleaning, Vacate cleaning or end of lease cleaning is something which the property manager asks for when your lease ends and you are about to move out. Without an appropriate cleaning of your rented space whether it’s a house, or a commercial office, you will not receive your bond money back from the Real estate or REIQ to be exact. Getting your bond back can be a really hectic .Especially if your property manager is quite picky; you have to make sure that the property is returned to the time it was like you moved in. Your property manager would want the property in the same condition as it was when you moved in, have you caused any damage to the property? Is it as clean as the day when you moved it? REIQ acknowledges small wear and tear but if a place if not cleaned properly then getting your bond back will be a big difficulty.

Before moving out of your rental property, it is highly important that you should get a bond cleaning done by a reputed company who have professional and experienced cleaners. A good bond cleaner will know precisely what the property manager is looking for in a bond clean. If you are from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, then you can contact us who have over 9 years of experience in this field and a 100% bond return success rate. There are various bond cleaning requirements which should be taken into consideration before you start to plan your end of lease cleaning. Bond cleaning/End of lease cleaning Requirements One of the last things you would want is to leave the end of lease cleaning for your house for the end. It may sound easy at the beginning, but a bond cleaning requires a lot of work to be done correctly and should not be underestimated, it requires a lot of work to be completed perfectly as it will be judge by your real estate property manager. Hiring a bond cleaner will save you a lot of time and money and will actually make sure that you get your bond money back.

Real estate agents want perfection, so it’s best to not underestimate the hard work involved in a bond clean. Each and every professional cleaner know what exactly the requirements of a property manager are and their cleaning checklist can be 4 pages long. In another heading I will discuss about key areas in end of lease cleaning.

Several Mistakes you should avoid during end of lease cleaning

  • Starting without drafting a to-do list: - If you have no idea about which area of the property to be cleaned first, may will lead you in some serious trouble. So make a to do list of which part to clean up first during the bond cleaning. If you feel you are too busy to do this while packing things call the best end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, CompaQ cleaning.

  • Leaving it all for the last minute-: According to end of lease cleaning agreements, you have to hand over a squeaky clean property. So, it has to be appropriately deep-cleaned, and not simply mopped over or vacuumed. As soon as you decided to move in to a new property first thing you should do is decide the end of lease cleaning company. Because after that you worry much about packing etc. you won’t have time to think about cleaning. If you decide to do it by yourself you have to start cleaning different areas of the house daily basis. This way you won’t have too much garbage, stains or dust to deal with at the last minute. If you still need a professional end of lease cleaner call us ASAP

  • Doing cleaning before doing repairs:- you finalised to do list, you must prepare and estimate of all repairs you are responsible for according to the end of lease cleaning deal. If need a handy man to fix those, always do contact handy man before you do the end of lease cleaning to avoid unexpected troubles. If they are DIY repairs, make sure to do them perfectly.

  • Thinking you can do the cleaning by yourself, but what you can’t-: Don’t ever misjudge the importance of end of lease cleaning. Remember end of lease cleaning is not regular cleaning. So it’s not a good decision to take up the burden of the entire job of your own shoulders. At least two people must share the job among themselves. End of lease cleaning needs a very deep cleaning. So if you can’t focus on small things in cleaning, the best thing is to take the service of a cleaning company. It is better than losing of your deposit money.

Moving Out Tips & Hints

  • Given or received valid notice in writing and there is no dispute
  • Confirm any arrangements for agent/landlord to access property in writing
  • Schedule final inspection
  • Disconnect all utilities connected in your name
  • Take photos of meters (date stamped)
  • Clean property as needed when compared to incoming condition report
  • Arrange for carpet cleaning if necessary
  • Take photos/videos of condition of property and do your own condition report
  • Remove any additions, alterations you have done to property
  • Calculate rent payable until end of tenancy and pay that amount
  • Cancel direct debit if necessary
  • Return keys and get a receipt or sign a photocopy
  • Print bond refund form and take to final inspection
  • Attend final inspection
  • Resolve any issues with condition of property
  • Sign bond refund form and lodge with Office of Rental Bonds (your or the agent can do this)
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for getting to the end of the list!

Cleaning and condition at The end of your lease

As a tenant you are expected to return the property in substantially the same condition and level of cleanliness it was in at the beginning of the tenancy (as noted in the condition report), allowing for fair wear and tear.

To ensure you do the best and most accurate job you should find your original condition report or ask for a copy and compare this against the condition of the property when you have done all your cleaning.  You do not have to clean or fix things that were not clean or not working at the beginning of your tenancy. However if you have damaged something, and it is not fair wear and tear you should repair it (see below for more info on fair wear and tear). Sometimes it can be a good idea to discuss repairs with the agent or landlord or ensure they are done to everyone’s satisfaction.

You do not have to fix things that wore out or broke as a result of “fair wear and tear”. This means you are not responsible for minor damage or deterioration caused by normal human use or natural forces/action. In some cases even major damage, if caused over a long period of time and through normal use of the property might be fair wear and tear.  For example if you lived in a property for 10 years and the carpet has deteriorated significantly in high traffic areas you may not be responsible for replacement.

Carpets are often the big issue at final inspections.

Similar issues with carpet can arise when you have pets, and you may be asked to fumigate the house as well. It is likely that the answer to whether or not you have to have the carpets cleaned and the house fumigated. If you are not sure call the Tenants Advice Service.

Finally, if you have made any alterations to the property, you will normally need to ensure you reverse any changes so that the property is returned in substantially the same condition as when you moved in. However you may wish to discuss this with the agent/landlord and come to an agreement in writing about whether this is necessary. You may consider requesting some reimbursement if you are going to leave your additions or alterations behind and they were costly to install originally.

How to clean a bathroom in less than 5 minutes?

1. Grab a bag - First hang a plastic grocery bag on the doorknob as a quick way to gather trash — the easiest way to instantly tidy any room.

2. First, flush. Secondly, Take some bleach. Pour a cup into the bowl. Then brush around the sides and under the rim. Let sit for five minutes, as you move on to the next task.

3.Shine up - Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Spritz the solution onto paper towels or a microfiber cloth, and wipe away soap drips and toothpaste spatters on faucets, mirrors, countertops, and in the sink. If you want give spotty shower doors the same spray treatment.

4.Collect dirt - Flip over one of the same vinegar wipe and run it across the back of your dusty toilet tank, then over, under, and around the seat. Flush the bleach that's been sitting in the bowl, toss the wipe into your doorknob bag, and move on.

5.Towel trick - Don't worry if you're drying used bath towels — just put out fresh hand towels. They're the only ones short-term guests use anyway. Leave the others on the bar; just straighten them.

6.Make an exit - Now it's time for the floor. Shake out your rug or bath mat to fluff it up so it looks recently vacuumed. Next, with a dampened paper towel, wipe the corners of the room, where most of the hair and dust collects. And don't forget to take the plastic bag with you when you leave.

How to clean a Kitchen during end of lease cleaning?

During the end of lease cleaning, Kitchen is one of the major areas which need special attention needed. It takes lot of time and costs more. The first thing any experienced end of lease cleaner will check in the kitchen is Oven & range hoods. The reason is because ovens are usually quote dirty and first thing that a property manager will check during a bond clean. You have to make assured that your oven looks as good as new, shiny as if it was recently bought. In an oven you have to remove the grills and clean them individually. Cleaning an oven is not easy and can be time taking, Many cleaners use highly toxic resources to clean the oven sooner, these materials should be used under proper care as the liquid from oven cleaners are highly acidic and cause severe burns on your skin when comes in a direct contact.

Once you finished oven, then you should pay attention on range hoods. To remove residue in range hood filters simply dip them in hot water with some vinegar and baking soda for 30 minutes.

Next we have to pay attention cleaning cupboards inside and out. Use vinegar and water to remove a sticky film on your cabinet exteriors. Rinse the cabinets with plain water to remove residue. For tough stain spots create a paste using baking soda and water. Scrub with a sponge to remove the build-up and then rinse with water. if you have stayed in the property for a long period of time then there is some wear and tear in the cupboards that causes certain stains which cannot be removed or were there in the property before you moved in . If they were there before you moved in and have been mentioned in your property contract then you are good to leave it as it is.

After that we have to consider about sink and drain holes. Your property manager always expects them to be sparkling clean. You can use some all-purpose cleaner with a Glass cleaner/Steel Shiner in order to leave a sparkling sink. Make sure to clean the walls, skirting boards and remove all cobwebs in the kitchen. If you have a dishwasher then clean it’s filter as well.

How to clean between tile grout at home?

The easiest recipe for making your own cleaning solution for tiles is to dilute a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in water. Put the solution into an empty spray bottle. The vinegar acts as a degreaser, while the baking soda scours the surface and eliminates odours. For superior results, the solution should be left on the tiles for a minute to fully dissolve the build-up, and then should be wiped off with a damp microfibre cloth.

A more powerful homemade concoction involves a paste of bleach and bicarbonate of soda. Bleach acts as a disinfectant and will whiten your tiles and grout back to their original tone, but can give off some very nasty gases. If you do decide to use bleach, then work carefully in a well-ventilated area with gloves and possibly a mask. After applying the mixture, leave it on for at least one hour before washing it off.

How to clean removable showerhead at home?

If you are having difficulties twisting it, wrap an old rag around the connecting nut, and then twisting it with a wrench. The rag will help protect the surface of your showerhead. Fill a pot with enough white vinegar to cover the showerhead. The acids in the vinegar will help dissolve the white mineral deposits on the showerhead. Let the showerhead soak in the vinegar for 30 minutes to overnight . The more soiled the showerhead is, the longer you will have to leave it in the vinegar. Take the showerhead out of the pot and rinse it. You should see the mineral deposits flaking off. Scrub away any residue using an old toothbrush. Focus on the base where the holes are; this is where the most mineral buildup will be. Gently scrub the brush over any residue and rinse with cool water. Keep doing this until all of the residue is gone. You can use a microfiber cloth or even a piece of flannel. Gently wipe the showerhead with the cloth until it is completely dry and there are no water spots. Fix the showerhead back. Turn the water on in your shower for a few moments to flush out any residue that the toothbrush did not get.

Bathtub cleaning tips

Mix a solution of a degreasing liquid detergent and water in a spray bottle. First wet the bathtub down and sprinkle or spray the detergent and water cleaner. Then lightly scrub at the heavily grimed up areas of the tub. Now let your cleaner sit on the dirt and grime and allow it to work for 10 minutes or so. This way the detergent can begin breaking down the grime. When the time over, go back to scrubbing, and the dirt should come off fairly easily. Once you finished cleaning a section, spray or splash with clean water to mark your progress. If the dirt is still not coming off easily you can spray the area with a more heavy duty cleaner like Tilex and let it sit for a few minutes before you tackle it again. Then Rinse the tub with clean water to remove any soap residue and avoid streaking.

When it's all done, practice regular maintenance, like wiping down the bathtub after using it. Doing this in between regular cleanings helps keep the dirt and soap scum from becoming a dirty mess again.


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