Why daily office contract cleaning great for your company

Do you need to enjoy time and cost savings while meeting health and safety standards? Then your company needs daily contract cleaning. An office space that’s professionally cleaned makes a great first impression that really lasts, making daily cleaning is the best choice for a growing company.

Cleaning to Meet your Needs

Not only does a professionally cleaned office space look decent, it can have a positive impact on workers morale and efficiency. An unclean workplace environment can lead to higher rates of nonattendance, which is why it’s important to stop germs dead in their tracks. Nobody likes to work encircled by dust and grime, so by employing trained cleaners you can create an environment that allows your workers to shine! In fact, by letting your workers to redirect their energies towards their essential tasks you’ll be helping your corporate to grow and thrive. Professional cleaning services will save you time and money in the long run thanks to a cost-effective and efficient service.

Your contract cleaning company will create a schedule that works for the needs of your business. Whatever your tailored hygiene needs, they’ll be met with professionalism and courtesy by highly trained staff using the latest cleaning technology for stunning outcomes.

Experience & Expertise

By choosing a professional company for your everyday cleaning, you know you can expect the very highest standards of cleanliness. Customers will be eager to return in the future and your employees will enjoy coming into a clean working environment day after day.

If you want to experience all the benefits that daily contract cleaning can offer your business, Compaq cleaning Commercial Cleaning team can deliver a bespoke cleaning service that lets you create that all important great first impression. With years of experience in melbourne wide contract cleaning, we understand the importance of a clean and tidy office and are proud to offer expert advice, a professional approach and the friendly, premium service you require.

5 Reasons proffesional office cleaning better the DIY cleaning

  • 1.Professional Equipment - Compaq Cleaning commercial cleaners have access to all the latest cleaning equipments and the products to get the job done effectively.
  • 2. Quality Results - Expert cleaners know how to clean, where to clean and how to get the best results.
  • 3.Focus on your business - A regular cleaning service let you to put all your time on your business.
  • 4. Bespoke office cleaning schedules- A professional cleaning service arranges you a cleaning schedule around your business hours when it suits you,your employees and customers. Even after the business closed.
  • 5.Reduces health and safety risks.- using professional office cleaning services prevents the spread of germs and bugs between employer, employee and customers. It also prevents work related injuries.

Checking If Your Commercial office Cleaners Are Doing A Good Job

If you’re financing in office cleaners for your work place, naturally you’ll want to get the results you deserve for the price you pay and make sure your cleaners are doing everything they should be.

But how do you know if they are? Other than the obvious things like the floor being clean and room smelling fresh, how else can you express if your cleaners are doing a good job?

In order to find whether your cleaners are worth keeping or changing, take into account the following:

  • 1. Time management – Are your office cleaners turning up on time? Are they completing the assigned work within the agreed time period or clocking off early with jobs incomplete? Are your office cleaners sticking to the agreed cleaning schedule?
  • 2. Well Equipped – Are your office cleaners well equipped when they turn up to clean your office? Are they using best products and equipment to do the job? If they agreed on using the best products when they started cleaning for you, make sure they are still using those products.
  • 3. Cleaning standards – Are your office cleaners continuing the standards that they first delivered or have they got lethargic?
  • 4. Know Your Cleaners - Do you recognise the office cleaners that the cleaning company sends to your business or do they send unfamiliar faces each time? This can be uneasy for business owners as it can get confusing with who is who. High-quality office cleaning companies will only use specialist trained office cleaners that are police checked.

Common commercial office cleaning mistakes you do..

Here are some common mistakes your company should watch out for

  • “If it appearances clean and smells clean, it is clean.”-:This may be how your office used to deciding cleanliness. Yes, your building can be clean to your senses. But, you could still have a horrifying number of germs, bacteria, pollen, viruses, pollutants, and other disease-causing agents thriving on apparently clean surfaces. Disinfecting take away the vast majority of these. And typically, it involves just one extra step: using a disinfectant. Business value: less nonattendances due to illness and greater productivity.
  • Using the Wrong Cleaning Products-:Most offices have linoleum / tile floors. But irrespective of the floor type, it’s important to know the true composition of your floor. So you know how to clean it and what to clean it with. In most cases, you can use a neutral cleaner. And that’s what you should use if you’re not sure what material makes up your floor.If you have a marble floor, use a rayon mop, hot water, and diluted neutral floor cleaner. A microfiber dust cloth or floor buffer helps also. Business value: Avoid damage and doing work that needs to be redone. Create an immaculate presentation that makes your employees proud and impresses customers.
  • Not Appropriately Cleaning Your Cleaning Equipment-:Cleaning equipment needs to be clean itself to do its job. Regrettably, many organizations make the mistake of not keeping it in top shape prior to use.The team needs to understand the importance of doing this. And you need to establish accountability so they have motivation to do it themselvesBusiness value: You’ll get the clean surfaces you want. You’ll also get longer life out of your equipment and save on supply costs.
  • Cleaning Surfaces Aggressively and Too Often-:Let’s take a look at the grout you might find in a bathroom, for example. Over time, it becomes dingy and grimy, so it doesn’t have the look appeal it used to.Scrubbing with a grout scrub brush does the job. But you don’t have to do this every day, or even every week. You can do this as infrequently as monthly, depending on the foot traffic to that bathroom. Since you also scrub the entire floor, that assists in cleaning the grout, further reducing the necessity to clean it separately.Business value: Become more productive and efficient. Spend more cleaning time on what matters. Avoid causing damage you have to pay to repair.

How regularly should you have your office cleaned?

As an Office Manager, the last thing you wish to see on a Monday morning is an untidy workspace with overflowing bins, dirty kitchen surfaces and an under-stocked bathroom. Hiring a professional office cleaning company is the wise resolution. Choosing a professional office cleaning company service is beneficial in more ways than one. A clean office inspires employee productivity – boosting self-esteem and helping you reach standardised health and safety guidelines. A clean workspace also presents a positive first impression to clients visiting your office. There are a numerous of factors to consider before selecting a professional office cleaning service that best suits your business and its requirements. These include the size of your office, the number of employees, how you intend to use your office space and the type of specialist cleaning services you may need. At CompaQ Office Cleaning Services, we’ll tailor our office cleaning services to suit your office space, while a dedicated Account Manager will ensure that every job is always completed to the highest standards.

Areas that need to be cleaned regularly

Our professional office cleaning services are structured to suit your office area and areas that require the most attention.

Daily office cleaning tasks

To maintain a clean environment, and comply with health and safety regulations, communal bathrooms & kitchens should be cleaned daily. Duties vacuuming floors, sanitising kitchen appliances and wiping down surfaces.

Weekly office cleaning tasks

Examples of weekly clean jobs include spray buffing hardwood floors, disinfecting & emptying the fridge and bin receptacles and restocking supplies.

Monthly office cleaning tasks

Monthly cleaning services are required for long-term office cleanliness. These complete services drill down into the finer details that are often missed, like cleaning windows , cloth chairs, dusting all high surfaces and vacuuming air vents

Annual office cleaning tasks

Some offices only requires to be tackled once a year such as deep cleaning your hardwood floors & carpet. Our Melbourne Office Cleaning Services are experts in providing deep cleaning services, ensuring your office will always reach the highest standards of cleanliness.

Why it is important to use same office cleaner everyweek?

Not all the Melbourne Office Cleaners are same! If you have been unsatisfied by constantly getting different cleaners each week and therefore getting a varied service, then you may want to consider asking Compaq office Cleaning for a quote so that you get the same office cleaner every week.

As Melbourne based office cleaners who have been in business for nearly fifteen years, we have built up a great deal of information about what we know works well when it comes to providing a consistent, friendly, high quality, office cleaning service that also comes with a happy face.We know that our Melbourne office cleaners enjoy building a rapport with their customers because they tell us so! Our clients also appreciate getting to know their cleaner. Over the years we’ve made little changes to our office cleaning service, such as introducing our message books, because we realized what makes a great relationship between customer and cleaner.

Here at Melbourne office Cleaning, we will send you the same cleaner each week so that you can specify exactly how you like things to be done in your Melbourne Office. We know that every office is different and that you may have different requirements depending on what your office does and how many people are coming in and out of it. You may have people who don’t want their desks to be touched, or you may have meeting rooms that get very heavy use.

If that’s the case then having the same cleaner each and every week, that you can get to know and who can get to know how you like things to be done, will mean that you get the best out of your Melbourne office cleaners and we can make sure that you’re glad with the facility that we provide.

Melbourne Office Deep Cleanings – How Important Are They?

Consistent office deep cleanings are occasionally overlooked as essential. Employees much time in their offices. Would we not want them to be regularly deep cleaned? Offices and work places are common places. Germs have easy transfer opportunity from person to person and space to space . Therefore, the standard cleaning rotation is likely not enough to truly keep your office clean. Do regular house cleanings take the place of spring cleanings? No indeed

Office Deep Cleanings – Top Down!

Office deep cleaning should operate a top-down cleaning style. Your office cleaning company should recommend starting high, even via ladder work, and ending with floor cleaning. For example, start with wiping, dusting, and/or vacuuming light fixtures, ceiling corners & edges, fans, and the like. After that, mid-level dusting and damp wiping should take places such as walls, wall art, signs, sconces, etc.

Next horizontal surfaces and , touch points should be cleaned. A sanitizer , disinfectant should be considered. Thorough damp wiping of tables, hard surface furniture, desks and the like must take place methodically. Requesting staff remove all personal items from desks and shelves will allow for the best cleaning possible. Office cleaners shouldn’t forget washing shades, window blinds and partition glass as a part of the deep cleaning program. Further, sanitizing high touch point devices such as phones, keyboards and mice should occur.

Bathrooms and Kitchenettes should also be completely deep cleaned utilizing a top down approach. Your cleaning company should have trained staff to understand how to avoid cross-contamination and utilize the proper cleaning supplies. For your kitchenettes, a food preparation safe disinfectant should be used on cabinet fronts, handles, microwaves, countertops, sinks, eating tables, and so forth.

Finally, floor work can commence. Carpets should get professional cleaning via steam extraction or other industry approved methods. Floors should be thoroughly dust mopped and/or vacuumed and mopped. Also, a floor disinfectant can also be utilized given the environment.

How Often Should Office Deep Cleanings Occur?

It depends on Foot traffic, seasons and type of business.Therefore, how often truly depends on a combination of factors. Many offices and business spaces choose to have their offices deep cleaned on possibly semi-annual or a quarterly or basis. Furthermore, some high traffic medical offices might have their buildings deep cleaned on a monthly basis. Your professional office cleaning company can offer guidance for your particular scenario.